POLITICS/POLICY/HEALTH PLANS: On the Blues’ political giving & CDHP complexity

Says here that Blues Plans Favor Republicans With Their 2006 Campaign Contributions. But I think what it means is that they’re favoring incumbents. Having said that and reading the polls and the tea leaves, I think the Blues might think about evening up those contributions given that the Congress is as likely to flip over his year as any since 1994, and that the Blue Dog Democrats are the crowd most traditionally aligned with their interests.

Meanwhile, Joe Paduda is showing that the CDHP is even more confusing to consumers than ordinary health plans. Well, when United bought the shysters at Golden Rule, you didn’t actually think that they were going to reform them, did you?


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  1. Regardless of who favors what, something needs to be done about our current health care system which only benefits the CEO’s and executives at the pharmaceuticals, hospitals and medical services companies.
    Here’s a great article on the latest in medical billing scams and such – this is an absolute must read for everyone as you could be their next victim regardless if you have insurance or not:
    The latest in American health care system fraud – another great article from Bestbraindrain.com
    M. Smith

  2. I read the article, and what stood out the most for me was how low the giving was, compared to my expectations. Don’t most other major industry lobbies give much more, including the neighboring lobbies for physicians, hospitals and especially Pharma? Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the nurses’ lobby gave more than AHIP.
    Anyone have data on this?

  3. “given that the Congress is as likely to flip over his year as any since 1994”
    Don’t count on it, look for the biggest, “amend the constitution” Gay/Gay Marriage hate campaign since Hitler’s Crystal Night.