HOSPITALS: Apparently they’re shooting them down in Texas.

Additional light shed on Houston Healthcare firings.

I can’t claim to know anything about this, other than isn’t it a little rare for this type of mass firing in the rather clubby hospital industry? Usually grand larceny and Medicare fraud is required, and sexual harassment is insufficient! And even then it takes all kinds of tooing and froing.

If you know more please comment. 

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  1. This story is hilarious!
    “He [Dr. Robert Carter, authority vice chairman] emphasized that [Frank] Aaron was not guilty of egregious misconduct, inappropriate behavior or misuse of funds. “He was terminated without cause,” Carter stressed.
    I picture it this way: The Board members are sitting around drinking coffee. Suddenly somebody pipes up, “Let’s fire Frank!” Someone else says, “Why, for god’s sake?” The piper-upper replies, “No reason – the idea just popped into my head!” The Chair says, laughing, “All in favor?” All the voting Board members (Frank is ex officio, I assume), also laughing, say “Aye!” The Secretary records the decision and the hospital security sends up an officer to Frank out of the room.
    Fait accompli. Pourquoi? Je ne sais pas!