HOSPITALS: Scrushy guilty of something at last

Those of  you despairing of rich people being able to buy their way out of trouble may be encouraged by this headline—Scrushy, Siegelman found guilty on federal conspiracy, bribery charges . Well at least he’s going down for something. Perhaps this jury wasn’t quite a susceptible to the bought and paid for black Ministers that are Scrushy’s new best buddies, or maybe he didn’t bother hiring them this time around. At any event hopefully he gets what’s coming to him this time.

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  1. The deputy editor of a major online magazine spent time in a weekly podcast explaining how the style of Senator Barack Obama shares much in common with the speech of fascist dictators like Benito Mussolini.

  2. What gets my canard is that they don’t even get nabbed like with violent criminals. They get to report to serve time in jail, as if they’re not in danger of becoming violent once they have to endure the glare of the media attention that is focused on them when the verdicts of “guilty” come down.
    I say haul them in ASAP just like with any other crook!

  3. Re: “bought and paid for blank Ministers”: Bought, but actually not entirely paid for – Henderson says Scrushy still owes him $150,000. TAC, Rev. Henderson…
    I thought the best part was Scrushy’s wife’s comment: ‘NBC-13 in Birmingham reports Scrushy’s wife, Leslie Scrushy, upon hearing the verdict, shook her head and said, “I don’t understand it.”‘ The Clue Train apparently only does a “whistle-stop” in Birmingham.
    I think we need another statute, like RICO only this one could be called COCO: the “CEO-Influenced Corrupt Organization” statute.