BLOGS: Peter Rost fired again?

After writing a post questioning the scoring of comments at his blog home the Huffington Post, inDti_1370373e which he exposed a "troll" as being the Huff Post’s technology manager, Rost was fired from writing at the Huff Po this morning. At least this one didn’t lose him a $500K paycheck! But what the hell is the Huff Po thinking?

Isn’t this shooting the messenger? I’m a big Arianna fan, after all we both went to Girton College, Cambridge, and I gave money to and volunteered for her failed 2003 gubnetorial campaign—but what are they/she thinking in firing one of their featured bloggers who exposes that one of their own employees is up to no good.  Even if it’s all a storm in a teapot, the rest of the blogging world (which regards HuffPo as a celebrity driven interloper) will have a field day.

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  1. It’s certainly wierd. The kind of stuff that yacomink did would be a firing offense in most organizations. Instead, Arianna has posted a defense of this troll’s actions and claiming that Dr. Rost was the bad actor in this case.

  2. He certainly seems like one of the good guys. Why Huffington would ban him is a mystery. It’s hard to keep track of the inner workings of the Dark Side, Cheney/Rove/Bush Regime. Rost’s blog post on the relationship between DOD and Rendon Group and the lies that were cooked to get support for this oil war is something Huffington might want to keep coming. It’s hard to know who to shake my head at most, the disfunctional left or the dishonest right. Anyway, keep watching your money going to defense contractors and not heathcare reform.