BLOGS: Peter Rost fired again?

After writing a post questioning the scoring of comments at his blog home the Huffington Post, inDti_1370373e which he exposed a "troll" as being the Huff Post’s technology manager, Rost was fired from writing at the Huff Po this morning. At least this one didn’t lose him a $500K paycheck! But what the hell is the Huff Po thinking?

Isn’t this shooting the messenger? I’m a big Arianna fan, after all we both went to Girton College, Cambridge, and I gave money to and volunteered for her failed 2003 gubnetorial campaign—but what are they/she thinking in firing one of their featured bloggers who exposes that one of their own employees is up to no good.  Even if it’s all a storm in a teapot, the rest of the blogging world (which regards HuffPo as a celebrity driven interloper) will have a field day.

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