THCB: Back and in one piece…oh and there’s football

BallI’m back from my vacation. My sister is married off and in Dubai on honeymoon, the Jerez region in southern Spain is full of cute bars serving Sherry and drunken policeman, and I’ve watched multo World Cup games, including perhaps one of the best goals of all time by Argentina against Serbia. My take on the World Cup is up over at Spot-on.

Many, many thanks to John Irvine for running the show in my absence, and to Maggie Mahar, Thomas Leith, The Industry Veteran, and Eric Novack for their thoughtful and (in certain cases extremely) provocative posts. (Remember if you’d like to become a contributor, just email me).

So please remember to buy Maggie’s book, listen to Eric’s show and support THCB’s sponsors.

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