POLICY/POLITICS: Klein on Romney–Read my lips…

Erza thinks that Romney will feature health care in his 2008 run, but because he won’t ask the hard questions (about taxes and redistribution) it won’t actually amount to much should he get anywhere. When the Mass deal was passed and he said that they’d "achieved universal health care without a tax increase," I knew that the one half of the sentence was a lie. It’s just a question of figuring out which half–and apparently it’s the first because he’s not going to sign off on more taxes, not even on smokers, drinkers and perverts. So asking people with their current health benefits (or the providers or insurers who receive them) to "redistribute" them is never going to happen. And if there’s no more money even if it’s money that’s already in the health care system, how are we going to insure the uninsured?

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