POLICY: Joe says National health care is coming.

Joe Paduda says National health care is coming. in five years. I don’t know whether he’s an optimist or a pessimist.

Methinks that we can sustain much, much more of the status quo before we’re driven to radical change. But certainly sometime within the next 3–7 years the debate will come back.

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  1. All I hope is that they take the time to inform us how much our tax increases will be to cover the new system. While I maintain that the current system is broken, the one payer system in other countries has also proven to be broken. With higher taxes and less medical care because there are not enough dollars to go around I am still not sure everyone is going to be happy.

  2. Don’t look the other way too long. The one-payer system is coming to the US and we will all participate in it regardless of who we are. Perhaps in the next two to three years there will be talk, however the infrastructure is being layed out and the workings – trials are being implemented.
    I teach an MBA class in Mequon WI on health care topics – one payer system and believe it needs to be done and soon.