HEALTH PLANS/PBMs: Don’t be evil?

I’m in Miami to talk to the Blues Association about blogging and new media. I think my theme is that You Shouldn’t Be Evil (or whatever the Googlers say…)

But it looks like Caremark is joining United and ACS in options woes. Given the shenanignas going on at those two places— and unnecessary shenanigans as it turned out—perhaps a bunch of others have been playing that game. And as McGuire himself said "If we can’t find new ways to provide value, we won’t grow". But then again around here THCB fans know that Wall Street hates healthcare services but doesn’t know it.

Of course it’s not the evil liberal blogosphere that’s found out all this dirt. It was real journalists—Charles Forelle and James Bandler. Meanwhile fellow WSJounralista, Barbara Martinez is hot on the trail of the PBMs. So perhaps the answer is not to blame the blog, but to call your PR flacks and ask why the MSM, or SCLM, hasn’t been warned off the way you wanted?

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  1. I have been reading everyone’s comments and I am impressed to hear the breadth of knowledge on this subject. I am currently having serious issues with Caremark’s sporadic changing of which drugs they will cover which quarter. Several of my past and present medications are there one quarter and then gone the next, forcing me to pay so much more out of my pocket. Does anyone know where I can find more information on the regulation (or seemingly lack thereof) of prescription costs?