POLICY: Fishing and Finding Beneficial Solutions?

I’m up over at Spot-On with an article called Fishing and Finding Beneficial Solutions? I’m trying to be clever and pull several strands into one theme. This reminded my editor of a medical TV show I’ve never heard of called “House”. So go over there, let me know if the medical TV metaphor works, and come back here to comment as ever.

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Barry Carol
Barry Carol

I think it is unfortunate, but very typical, that when a major industry like healthcare needs to undergo significant change, there is strong resistance from every quarter. The resistance can relate to everything from fear of change, potential loss of income (or even one’s job), loss of power, etc. My question for every interest group is the same one I’ve asked before — what’s your alternative? Lawyers, for example, oppose health courts as an alternative mechanism for resolving malpractice suits because it threatens their income, but they claim it deprives individuals of their “day in court.” Doctors don’t want rating… Read more »

Tom Leith
Tom Leith

Very nice, Matthew. To make the House analogy stand out better the symptoms need to be gorier, all found in the same patient, and should be apparently contradictory. Put all this up front in the space of one paragraph, and put the wonky analysis further down, pyramid-style: Health insurers seem to have come down with a burning, bright-red rash that makes other people itch, coincident with a huge increase in appetite, and their traditional customers are doing what was traditionally done to rash-sufferers: shunning them. But this, perversely, spreads the disease even faster, and so the lepers have turned to… Read more »