POLICY: Leif Haase on Many Roads to Rome?

I’m on the east coast, and have been pottering around meeting various people learning a little. One of the most interesting was Leif Wellington Haase who is the health policy guru at the Century Foundation. Over a very nice lunch (Thanks Leif!) he explained to me that the Foundation, which used to be more liberal social club than active policy shop, is very much shedding that image. It’s now putting together a task force that will under-pin a rational debate over what future universal coverage looks like. Rational is code here for distinguishing itself from the HSA fantasists who don’t believe in the rationale for universal coverage

Leif’s proposal, which is not a million miles from the Fuchs/Ezekiel proposal, is summarized here. It’s intended to be a call to action to everyone to get involved in the debate before we end up in the healthcare equivalent Brazil or Cambodia (take your pick). How that fits into the wider rational debate in the universal coverage world, Leif explains here — Universal Coverage: Many Roads to Rome?

…And he’s yet another person telling me to write a book <sigh>

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  1. Sounds like single pay government run system to me. No profit motive, up front costs for patients and up front reimbursements for docs, less paperwork for everyone.

  2. I just don’t like solutions like this one and like Massachusett’s new plan that require everyone to carry health insurance, when the health insurance industry, with its escalating administrative burden, skyrocketing profit margins, and falling medical loss ratios is, in my opinion, the biggest problem with our system as it is!

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