THCB: Thanks for coming, please keep it up!

Last month was the biggest ever at THCB with over 22,000 visitors and nearly 45,000 page views.  Thanks for coming and please keep visiting and commenting.

Meanwhile we have a new sponsor over on the right. Phreesia is a company with a very innovative and interesting service for doctors to entertain and usefully inform their patients while they’re in the waiting room. And it’s free for doctors and provides them with the excellent Instant Medical History (as the patients fill it out while they’re waiting). Speaking as a consumer I think it’s a great idea, and I said as much in FierceHealthcare a while back before they even mentioned advertising. So this is unpaid editorial, but please feel free to click on their (paid) ad on the right.

And as ever if you’re looking for a speaker or for consulting help, that is how I keep the lights on round here!

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  1. How is it that all that’s in my doctor’s waiting room is “Highlights” and People magazines from 1984 (“Burt Reynolds: Sexiest Man Alive”)?
    This sounds great…

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