POLICY/PHYSICIANS: Mystery Pollster The AMA Spring Break Survey

For those of you curious about the AMA’s recent “Girls Gone Wild” survey, some interesting stuff from Mystery Pollster. Here’s Part 1 and here’s Part 2. If you look deep in the comments about Part 2 you’ll see my cynical viewpoint.

Hat tip Health Business Blog

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  1. I am far less concerned with what college-age people do on spring break, for all the reasons Matthew cites in his comment at Mystery Pollster. We are, after all, talking about adults who are responsible for their own behavior, and bear the consequences thereof.
    If the AMA and the media were genuinely concerned about a public health issue, they’d focus on the stupid parents that let high-school-age kids play grown-up by taking them on group spring break trips (or worse, letting them go unchaperoned). This was the one valuable lesson to be gleaned from the Natalie Holloway story, and if any media outlet actully focused on it, it got lost in that journalistic train wreck.