POLICY/HEALTH PLANS: Shalala and the janitors update

Looks like the power of Health Care Renewal (and THCB) is proved again. (Ok, OK kissing…) But after featuring the story about Donna Shalala and the Univ of Miami janitors who didn’t have health insurance, apparently the university has caved. Correspondent JC reports:

Well, Shalala finally came to her senses (actually, her political senses). In addition to providing a 25% pay raise to the janitors (they are technically still not formally organized), they have agreed to offer health insurance coverage for $13 a month to employees. The janitors are to become effective 4/1.  If interested, I’ll let you know how it goes.

The interesting thing, is the publicity has put pressure on other entities.  A couple of other local universities (public and private) are beginning to feel the pressure to provide coverage to hundreds of uninsured low-wage workers. It is a positive ripple effect.

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