TECH: Brailer takes weekend off in SF

The S.F. Chron has an article about local boy made good David Brailer and his attempt to persuade American health care to inter-operate, or whatever it’s supposed to be doing in the absence of a mandate or any money! Brailer lives in San Francisco and truies hard to be in California on the weekends. It’s a good article complete with actual photos of actual doctors in a real life-hospital trying to use an EMR. And there were people who scoffed that it would never happen!


Meanwhile, the profile tells us something I never knew, not that it’s relevant to his gig or his career or in the least unusual in our fair city; Brailer is gay. He frequently mentions his kid in his speeches, and I just assumed and assumed wrongly. So given that my immediately previous article in THCB was about another Bush appointee who thinks that Brailer and his ilk will rot in hell, it’s good to see that the Adminstration for once ignored its maniac Christian right in a relatively non-political appointment. Or given that a quick google search shows up nothing on the topic, perhaps Rove at al were as political as usual but their background searches were as competent as their war-planning and hurricane relief efforts.

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