PHYSICIANS: Docs believing in God, not as many as you’d think

I’m the ultimate American outcast in that I’m an atheist (or as we’re known now secular humanist), who thinks that (as one old friend put it) "all religions from the Bhagwan Rajneesh to the Unitarians are only interested in putting their hand in your pocket".

But I accept that makes me pretty unusual in America where roughly 90% of the population reliably polls as believing in God  (although I’d fit in OK in Sweden and most of Europe).


What I fund pretty interesting was a survey that came out last summer but was just featured in Forbes. The authors seem to be all excited that they found that American physicians were likely to believe in God and have it influence their daily lives. That’s because they were comparing physicians to scientists, who have very low rates of religious belief.

But what I found interesting was that only 76% of physicians said that they believed in God. If we take that to include a wide meaning of "God", that means that in their beliefs about religion, physicians look more like Europeans than Americans.

But I have no idea what conclusions to draw from that for the health system.

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  1. Priests are the agents of Devil. They are businessmen.
    Their priority is the welfare of their organization(religion) not you. They are hypocrite and use sweet faces with sweet languages but deep inside they are only selfish beasts. All religiions are created by third persons not by real enlightened persons.

  2. You can’t honestly believe that all religions are just trying to put their hand in your pocket? That’s like saying people do good deeds to feel better about themselves. It’s a very shallow stance that doesn’t probe more than a few millimeters under the surface.
    Sure, religions ask for money and depend on donations to operate. But that’s true of many secular organizations too. Anyhow, you put your money where your passion is. I’m a Christian and the strange thing about Christianity, is that all these people show up in the building early on a Sunday, but don’t seem to care enough to give up the money. Many people have a superificial commitment to an organization.
    My 2 cents.

  3. I do believe in a “Supreme” entity. We are all made in the likeness of this “Supreme” entity, not of our human qualities but of our “spiritual” qualities. When we become aware of the “spiritual” person, we begin to see this “Supreme” entity within that person and with this wisdom, we begin to realize that we are all one and the same. My “Faith” is solitified by science and reason, manifested in the structure of the universe. I do not believe in “Religion.” Like James Madison, I believe “Religion shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprize.” I too wonder if we take the belief in a God, to include a wide meaning of a God (the beliefs about being spiritual vs. religion), physicians look more like Europeans than Americans? Or better yer, like scientists.