POLICY/INDUSTRY: HSC on 10 years of change

Whe I was first figuring out the private sector in health care about 10-12 years ago while Hillary was trying and failing to get reform done, I heard a gazillion people, usually in the strategy or policy dividions of big plans and drug companies tell me that we didn’t need government reform because the market was going to sort it all out itself. And ten years after we got the market reform that meant we didn’t need governmnet reform. What happened?

"In a decade that saw the rapid rise and hard fall of tightly managed care, there was plenty of change but little progress in solving the cost, access and quality problems in the health care system," says Paul Ginsburg in the release about HSC’s 10 year retrospective.


You can read the full report here. It’s taken me ten years to figure out what went wrong. Let’s not have that happen again next time, eh.

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