POLICY/HEALTH PLANS: Shalala and the janitors (not a 60s doo-wop band)

Over at Health Care Renewal, Tony Poses has done some excellent digging into the tale of how the University of Miami, best known for the close to criminal behavior of its football players over the years, is (by proxy of a middleman) stiffing the janitors at its hospital from getting health insurance. Meanwhile, university President and former Clinton HHS secretary — not that she did much while holding that hot seat other than make the camera pan way down when she walked in the room for the State of the Union — Donna Shalala was profiled in the New York Times for her luxury lifestyle. It’s all in the story: A Tale of Three Ironies: University of Miami’s Janitors Still Have No Health Insurance. And Roy digs up the fact that she gets a decent chunk of change for doing basically nothing by being on UnitedHealth Group’s board. ($750 for listening to a summary of a phone call? Nice work if you can get it).

Of course, compared to the average take home pay of UnitedHealth board members, that’s chicken feed. But the average is somewhat distorted by the CEO.

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