Those of you who like your reality dressed up as fiction might like this new book, which Greg Pawelski recommends as telling lots of truth about the oncology-industrial complex.  It’s called A Test of Survival and the web site is worth exploring at least.


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  1. I finished reading the novel. It was very much like one book critic described it, “what Tom Clancy did for naval intelligence and submarine design/functionality in ‘The Hunt For Red October,’ she does for cancer research in this book.” Science taking a back seat to public posturing, private bargains, and scandal, set in the cancer industry. I couldn’t put the book down. I had to read it from cover to cover as soon as I could. The characters are fictional, but the science is fact. The only thing it needed (like all novels) was the benefit of either a car chase or a gun fight or preferably both (in order to have a movie made of it). The writer made sure to make it factually supportable, “assays aren’t even complementary medicine much less alternative.