POLICY: Kevin Drum. Kevin Dumb?

I know he’s got a lot on his mind but leading liberal blogger Kevin Drum writing in his blog at The Washington Monthly actually wrote this in his post about HSAs:

These proposals sound pretty good, don’t they?

Did he start channeling Ron?  Or was he just too lazy to go read the reams and reams of stuff written about HSAs, and figure out their one or two tiny flaws…

Who knows, but plenty of his commentators are ripping him a new one.

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  1. Those liberal commentors really are lost in space. Maybe a couple of them aught to read the Federal law on HSAs then they wouldn’t be so stoopid.
    Even Rush Limbaugh yesterday was weepin’ “We need to pass Health Savings Accounts.” What a clown. Even Rush doesn’t know that HSAs are already the law of the land. The propaganda is worse than Nazi Germany during WW2. My wife said, “Let’s switch to cable TV advertising.” HSAs unravel the evil heart of Socialized Medicine, thank God.

  2. HSAs are great ways to save and pay for medical care. Where in the US Constitution does it say the Gummit needs to provide medical care for all?