POLICY/THCB: Ron speaks

So while I was making my lunch and walking the dog everyone’s "favorite" THCB commenter Ron Grenier called me and talked, and talked, and talked. What was he talking about?  Your guess is as good as mine, but let’s just say that he talks exactly like he writes! Oh, and apparently he’ll be doing a radio-show soon, Actually he’s make a very good Sean Hannity-type pontificator, although he’s probably a little too non-profane to make it in the rough and tumble world of loony conservative talk-radio.

But for those of you who thought he was an invention of the loony left to make the loony right look bad–nope he’s real!

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  1. Tonight is her last night before we kick her out of the country for 6 months. She is off to London and no more sunshine, she is sad. She says, “A voucher was worth 15 pense” (about $0.10 US).
    She didn’t get many because her wages were too good.
    All the neighborhood women are taking her out tonight before she leaves tomorrow. Everyone agrees that she talks funny. Anytime you come to Tampa Bay you can stay at her house, it’s beautiful. I have her keys.
    Brian, her husband in London, knows more about American football than I do. He talks funny too.

  2. Jib is right. Podcasts are the future. Matthew is like my neighbor, another Brit. They both talk 60 miles an hour and no American can understand what they are spewing. If I let you on my show Matthew you must slow down to 40 miles an hour when you talk.
    If we do the show live Matthew, you will have to get up at 5:30 AM. Tampa Bay is EST. So I suggest that we tape the interview so I can “EDIT” it like WJR, the Boomer, did to me in Detroit. They just don’t broadcast the good stuff. But you can TRUST me Matthew I wouldn’t do that to you, really. Or Jib you can come on and explain Matthew’s thoughts. Save Premium, eliminate taxes, build wealth, and like President Bush says, “Become EMPOWERED.”
    Yes Matthew there is a free lunch, your eating it now. May I pass you a napkin?

  3. So while I was making my lunch and walking the dog…
    How does one do that?