POLICY: Medicare and HSAs: Ready for Their Close-Ups

My weekly column is up over at Spot-on, and despite trying hard to avoid it, I’ve been forced into the murky waters of Medicare Part D and HSAs. There are no comments there, so feel free to come back here and comment. In addition there’s a new section on Medicare Part D and the Drug Debacle over at TPMCafe which I will at some point contribute to, when Josh Marshall hits the correct button on his keyboard.

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As regards the much-maligned “donut hole,” here’s something for y’all to file under “be careful what you ask for because you might get it.” The donut hole is pretty obviously an attempt to cost-shift onto the patients most able to pay. There’s coverage for the poorest patients, and a fairly nice deal for the healthiest. These are the folks below the first donut hole threshold. There’s also catastrophic coverage for the highest-utilizing and most-sick, i.e. those above the second threshold. In the middle, where probably about 80 percent of the patients are, there’s a coverage gap, where seniors will be… Read more »

Ron Greiner

Matthew, you know Golden Rule was not the first to market with MSAs, that was Time Insurance Company. You know my agency wrote the first MSA in the USA. Why do you lie about this when I comment on this blog?
We have 200,000 appointed agents, how many does Golden Rule have? Matthew has joined Hillary to fight the HSA, too pathetic. Don’t you get tired of losing?