BLOGS/TECH: Bloggers meeting, sadly without me


A group of tech bloggers are meeting at HIMSS at 8.30 pm on Sunday Feb 12th in San Diego at Hennessy’s Gaslamp pub. Sadly I wont be there as I don’t show up till the next a.m — being too cheap to pay for an extra night in a hotel and having non-refundable tickets and all — but Tim Gee, Neil Versel, Shahid Shah and maybe even MrHISTalk himself should be there.

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  1. Matthew:
    Sorry you won’t be there. I’ll be there, not just to meet and greet, but also to kick around this idea of a “blogposium” that could organize the growing circle of healthcare IT bloggers on a constructive collaborative project. See my post today, A Welcome Wiki.”
    Jack @ HealthNex

  2. Punkette, I think we’d like to setup an event like “Meet the Bloggers” at all national (or even local) healthcare or health IT events. It shouldn’t be limited to tech and the “meetups” should become regular so that the blogging community starts to build some power around these national events.
    There are a couple of bloggers trying to setup a meeting in Europe as well. If we make it a regular event in various locations it’s pretty clear everyone will get a chance to meet each other at some point during the year.

  3. Honestly I can’t figure out why you guys chose San Diego instead of Kansas City. Do you realize how long it will take me to crutch there?