THCB: Last call for submissions

Last call for submissions for the THCB health care reform
competition. Your mandate: solve the health care crisis in 250 words or less.
Be sure to, ahem … read the contest  rules, before submitting your master plan, as it’s clear several of our contestants didn’t.

The grand prize:
potential international superstardom and a guest spot on the Eric Novack show.

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Robert Levin
Robert Levin

REDEFINING INSURANCE FRAUD Want to hear MY definitions of “insurance fraud”? I’ll tell you anyway. Insurance fraud is when an HMO sells you a policy at an exorbitant rate and then finds all manner of ways to frustrate your pursuit of benefits. Insurance fraud is when an HMO impedes access to procedures and specialists by requiring further “review” or “investigation.” Insurance fraud is when an HMO denies coverage for pre-existing conditions. Insurance fraud is when, to demolish any chance one might have of effectively communicating requests or complaints, an HMO deliberately hires morons to staff its customer service department. Finally,… Read more »

Steve Beller, Ph.D.

It seems to me that the only way to solve the healthcare crisis in a sustainable way is for all stakeholders (patients, providers, researchers, purchasers, and payers) to participate in building and using evolving health science knowledgebases and HIT tools that enable the delivery of high-quality (efficient, effective, safe) care and preventative services in a way that controls expenditures and promotes wellness for all people. This means we must all focus on: • Establishing collaborative networks (preferably international) that share, analyze, and discuss clinical information (including demographic, diagnostic, and treatment process and outcomes data), biosurveillance data, financial data, clinical models… Read more »