BLOGS: Why are you not sheep?

So it sit here every day slaving away just to give you a little information and entertainment, and I ask you for one eeny-teeny thing….to go and vote for brave patient and young punkette Kate Steadman’s Healthy Policy blog in the medical blog awards, and she only got a miserable 27 votes. Yet the winner, the Bio-Ethics Blog only got 178 and Hospital Impact which ran an aggressive campaign got 170. Now if you look at Hospital Impact’s Site Meter  you’ll see that they get just over a hundred visitors a day, similar to Kate’s. THCB (by virtue of age and infirmity) gets about 5 times that. Yet basically everyone who visited Tony’s Hospital Impact site did what he asked and went and voted for him, and basically no one who reads TCHB gave a monkey’s about my request!

People, I am not feeling the love!

CODA: A poll for blogs with such a low turnout is of course a ridiculous way to pick the best blog. It would be the equivalent in the real world as if we picked the President of the most powerful nation on earth by having a straw poll amongst a few extremists in a couple of tiny rural states that share almost no issues with the vast majority of urban and suburbanite Americans who live near one of the three coasts, or anyone else for that matter. And while you might expect the quality of the results to be pretty similar, the blog winners were actually pretty good. No comment on the Iowa/New Hampshire/South Carolina primaries.

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