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  1. Ron. You claim to be an expert on HSAs so let me help you. Ammiano wants to put $345 per month per employee into this fund that (you correctly point) out he called a health savings account. That means he wants more than $4,000 a year to go into these accounts per employee. What’s the limit for Federal HSAs for individuals? I think it’s $2,600, but I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong.
    That means he’s talking about something different but using the wrong name, or (more likely) was misquoted.

  2. NEWS-SPEW: President Bush plans to focus on health care as the “centerpiece of his 2006 domestic agenda,” in part in response to employer and consumer concerns about increased costs, the Wall Street Journal reports. According to the Journal, Bush likely will propose expansions of previous health care plans, rather than new federal spending, and the proposals likely will focus on market forces, tax credits, competition among providers and individual health insurance, rather than employer-sponsored coverage.

  3. I know what a health savings account is. HSAs are Federal law Matthew. Please give us Ammiano’s quote where he explains where his HSAs are not IRS sanctioned HSAs. Or are you just spinning this bozo’s words for him because he is to stoopid to do it for himself.
    So I’m wrong but he did say, “Health Savings Account” which makes me right, too funny.
    The truth is like Katrina, it blows the LIES away.
    Michiganiacs: Vote Republican / Vote PHD Zandstra for US Senate. Stabenow and the status quo have got to go.

  4. Wrong again Ron. Here’s the quote
    “Ammiano has said that 40,000 people working in the city are not insured. His ordinance would force businesses not offering medical coverage to their workers, including part-timers who work 80 hours a month, to set up health savings accounts and pay $345 a month per employee into them.”
    These dont seem to be individual Federal HSAs that you love, they are accounts for the employer to pay the City out of.

  5. Ha Ha, tell the local reporter then. Look and see for yourself, I’m right again, figures.
    My Congressman is a really powerful guy in DC. I have never called his office before but I talked with his Health Care Policy guy, Jerry White, today. I told Jerry to email Rush and have him discuss Republican Health Care Reform. Bilrikis shows all the other city’s flags but not my city of Holiday. I’m already feeling discriminated against.

  6. Ron, he never said health savings account–even Ammiano isnt that dumb. Rush Limbaugh, however…when’s his trial coming up?
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  7. Ha Ha, that goofy city politician said the $345 per month was the amount the city pays. He also said the $345 per month would go in a Health Savings Account (HSA). He is such a bozo he didn’t even stop to think about how that would be unlawful under Federal law for single employees. Talk about a stupid, knee-jerk, uninformed politician. And please, I have been advertising MSAs/HSAs on Rush since 1996 and Rush refuses to discuss Republican Health Care Reform, the HSA of President Bush. Rush, Hannity and O’Rielly are no help to the President, bunch of losers.

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