POLICY: Hmmm….Docs are always docs

So Krugman writes about Cleaning Up the Health Care Mess and the NY Times publishes a bunch of  letters. Krugman basically said that we’d eventually need some kind of government-regulated health care system, and that limits would have to be put on what’s done. Despite the fact that the crisis in our health care system is to the point that even General Motors has noticed and wants out, 5 out of 7 letters are from doctors, and almost all of them are going on and on about government interfering with patients choice, their autonomy, etc, etc, etc.

Perhaps we are just back in 1936 after all. But isn’t it about time the collective physicians of America moved on and realized that they’d better start positioning for a world in which they have to cut a better deal?

Otherwise they’ll be moaning about how it all went wrong when they took on the hospitals, as does this guy. Unlucky for him that he bought at the top, and not on the way up like his colleague in North Dakota.

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