An apparently well funded website has decided to “take down” what it calls The Health Care Lies of Paul Krugman.  THCB readers will quickly have fun spotting the 5 classic errors, the total bias, and the thinly veiled racism. Of course if you want to know something real and researched about the subject you could do worse than read this.

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  1. The ongoing comparison of Canadian and U.S. Health Care Systems always seems to miss the point. Yes, there are long waiting times for elective and high-tech procedures in Canada. And yes, many Americans go without medical care because of a lack of health insurance.
    Canadians who sneer at American health care delivery tend to ignore Medicare, which funds health care (inadequately, in the view of many) for those over 65 or disabled, and Medicaid, which funds services (again inadequately) for those below a certain income level. So it is the working poor, workers who do not get health insurance, that are in the worst position.
    Americans who fear the loss of instant access to high-tech and elective care do not understand that the issue in Canada is not that the fundamental principle of health care being a shared responsibility is flawed, it’s that the system is underfunded. All Canadians share the frustration and dangers created by that underfunding.
    The U.S. resolves underfunding by simply denying care to Americans who are uninsured, thus concentrating funding on providing care to those who are insured.
    A well-funded socialized health care delivery system would resolve the issues frustrating Canadians and feared by Americans.

  2. Krugman also got some details about Part D wrong, too. I wish the standards had been so lax at the newspapers I used to write for. That said, I’ll put his ethics AND his accuracy up against the Republican faves any day of the week.

  3. Ron, if soccer is for wimps, how come football players have to wear all that padding? 10 lines max dude.

  4. Paul Krugman wrote on tax free HSAs and he didn’t even take the time to learn the Federal law, what a bozo. It’s funny that Krugman is the best the liberals have. I should be able to sue Krugman for reporting mal-practice and stupidity. Please post a Krugman HSA article and give me 20 lines Matthew. — Lynn Swann is running for PA Governor as a Republican. Lynn is an American Football hero. Matthew thinks football means soccer (soccer = wimps).