POLICY/POLITICS: Let them eat cake

Remember pre-election 2000 when Bush said that we shouldn’t balance the budget on the backs of the poor? He was of course joking (and not just about the balancing part), as Bob Herbert points out in his article — The Machete Budget.

Contrast the cuts in Medicaid that are in the latest budget with the $10m spent on a bahmitzvah party by a defense contractor who made $70m last year supplying apparently faulty flak-jackets to our troops. And they claim that there’s no war profiteering. Of course in WWII a real American hero, Harry Truman stopped that stuff dead in its tracks.

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Ron Greiner

Matthew should post how many people are insured by Blue Cross. The link from Matthew’s home page to “Blue Cross Issues” is reporting 93 million Americans. I submit that is clearly a monopoly. What’s $10 Billion to Blue Cross? Trust me, Blue Cross is a bunch of rich people with lobbyists up the wazoo in every state and in DC.
Got the Blues, paying an arm and a leg? Feeling insecure on dangerous, over-priced employer-based government mandated health insurance? Wake up!!!!!!

Matthew Holt
Matthew Holt

Symbols, Eric, symbols.

Eric Novack

Matthew- both sides of the aisle understand that this “$10 billion cut” over 5 years is not really a cut. It is merely a reduction of future increases– except for the fact that spending on medicaid over the next 5 years will be greater than $1.6 trillion.
10 billion divided by 1.6 trillion= approximately 0.625 %.
Please be serious and accurate.