THCB: Wussies–Tough? Try not drinking for a month

Apparently it’s to difficult to give up drinking for a month.  As many of my friends will tell you I drink my fair share of alcohol, but I’ve managed it quite a few times. The LA Times reports how difficult it was for a group of fit people to give it up for a month

For moderate social drinkers, hopping on the wagon for a month shouldn’t have been that daunting of a task. Not just any moderate social drinkers, but a handful of men and women who are exceptionally fit, as in training-for-a-marathon fit. These are people used to discipline and healthy lifestyles, people who can get through a rigorous boot camp class without hurling. Yet some found that wagon trip much more uncomfortable than they thought, and didn’t even last a month. Some didn’t even make it a week.

Well they must have been a particularly weak-willed bunch. This year for two separate months (March and October) I’ve given up drinking and meat, and sugar and carbs) in order to lose weight. Of the four food groups I quit — yes I basically ate fish and vegetables — sugar is by far the hardest to give up.  Thank god for Splenda. Booze is easy to do for a month, and I’m always happy to fall off the wagon at the end of it. Whether the odd month every few years is going to help my well-exercised liver in the long run, I doubt.

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  1. Hmph! I could *forget* to drink for a month! But then, that’s largely a matter of upbringing — when I was growing up, the family joke was that before Mom served liquor, she had to wipe the dust off the bottles….