BLOGS/POLICY: And over at Spot-on, c’est moi

I have found myself another gig amongst a great group of political writers led by the intrepid Chris Nolan. Chris is a leading Silicon Valley journo and a policy wonk, and she has surrounded herself with a group of op-ed type writers whose politics are absolutely across the map, but whose writing is entertaining and incisive. She calls it “standalone journalism” and I’m happy to be along for the ride. The intention is that I do a weekly piece over there which will be a bit longer and more political than the health care wonkery you tend to see here. I hope you’ll all go over and take a look, not just at my pieces but at all of them.

The site is called Spot-on, and my first piece is called Adventures in a Health Care Nation.

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  1. Sorry Matthew, (Sales is [not] marketing, goofy Ben)
    I’m a salesperson so I need no more than 10 lines usually. Sales is a Transference Of Perspective (TOP). Some people call it Mind Control or BrainWashing but I prefer to think of it as education. Of course, I do admit that TOP to exactly my Point Of View (POV) is vastly easier with Tone Of Voice (TOV). I was one of 10 trainers for Ben Cutler before he was key note speaker at the World Health Summit. One of the other trainers in ’95 argued with me and Ben told him, “Shut up!!, Ron’s talking about marketing!”

  2. Stand-Alone Jounalism huh? With your health care “wonkery” here and your article at “Spot-on” you refuse to say – employers are “stealing” the health insurance from sick employees (After they have paid for it) with cancer when they fire employees. Our mutual friend, Ben Cutler, in 1995 put to COBRA and terminated the health insurance of a good friend of mine, Paul, who had stroke at 50 years of age. The Commonwealth Fund’s President told me this week that if she did a poll and asked employees if they would like to keep their health insurance when they get cancer, that 100% of employees would vote “YES”, ha ha. Greg Scanlen has teamed with Ben, Regina Herzlinger, PhD (Harvard Business School) and Art Jetter. I talked to Greg this week and told him what Senator John McCain (R-AZ) told me this week. Oh, Matthew, when I enrolled the USA’s 1st MSA in ’96, Ben was in charge. I feel sorry for you Matthew. You don’t even know what you don’t know. Ben just stole my stock in his company away this month at less than half what I paid for it. Where is the SEC when you need them? I believe Ben now gets 10 million shares, he’s rich. Scanlin said twice, “Get me some information on Zandstra. (running for the U.S. Senate in Michigan to replace Senator Stabenow (D-MI)).”
    Greg answers the phone here, the tight-wad.