TECH: Motorola’s view of seamless health

Jose Lacal is from Florida, and they have lots of hurricanes there (and there’s a reason for that!). Motorola has built a seamless health record (basically a CRM system that has all the information, built on the mobile device). You can use a cellphone to download iTunes, to pay parking meters, etc, etc. So if the phone is trustworthy enough for those guys, than it’s more secure than the PC. OK, but he thinks it should live on the phone…(I assume that it’s backed up somewhere?)

Then he wants the “iPod of personal health”—bring it all in including meidcal guidelines via RSS feeds, information from hospital information systems, etc, etc. All in one place.  Wants to focus on chronic improvement. Wants to empower mom as the chief medical officer.

Thinks that some big org will host it. (Banks, Quicken, Google, USPS). This is a prototype

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