BLOGS: Open thread

For those of you wanting to go on at more than 250 words about the health policy competition, how I’m an unfair censor or anything else that takes your fancy. Post your coments in this thread. (I can’t easily move comments so the only real option I had was to delete the previous ones)

For those of you who want to take up Eric’s challenge, which we’ll run for a couple of weeks please go to this post and put it in the comments. But remember 250 words or less and ON topic. Or I will delete them from there.

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  1. Abby sure…although why bother entering when Ron “Joe Namath” Grenier has guaranteed a victory — not that he appears to have bothered entering.

  2. Matthew–I’ve been meaning to post something on the challenge, but I wanted to pull it together in a tight fashion. I wondered, though, whether all of it had to be policy-based. I have a general feeling that all of that spending in the last 3 months of life is as much a cultural problem as a policy issue. Does that fit in 10-15 lines?

  3. Matthew, today is a special day in the history of the tax free HSA. I don’t have TIME now to talk about it and you have lifted my 10 line retriction. Thank you very much. I did write this earlier and it explains who the real father of the tax free HSA is. I will be back.
    I will win that competition in less than 200 words, trust me.