HOSPITALS: Friday Night Update by John Pluenneke

When the going gets tough, the tough form a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

HealthSouth Corp. founder Richard Scrushy has formed a nonprofit group focusing on churches and religious charities. Richard and Leslie Scrushy Ministries was incorporated in Jefferson County last month.Records list the charity as being based at 2310 Marin Drive, the private company housed on the Scrushy estate in Vestavia Hills.

SAT MORN. CODA: In New Jersey, a poll this week shows Republican Doug Forrester trailing Democrat Jon Corzine by about 10 points in the race for the Governor’s job. That’s a bit of surprise for some people, as analysts had thought the Republicans had a real chance in the state thanks to local disgust over a series of scandals involving corrupt Democrats. Forrester is a PBM man and a part owner of a privately-held benefits company called BeneCard, which is apparently currently having some problems of its own.  Interestingly, in a state where the pharma industry plays a major economic and political role, Corzine has played the pharma card hard – running attack ads which criticize his opponent’s link to the drug industry. This is not a good sign for the GOP …

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  1. John: Thanks to clear and concise analysis such as in evidence here, this country may actually wind up with a healthcare system worth emulating.
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