PHARMA: Lowe on Pfizer

Derek Lowe thinks that for Pfizer, The Tar Pit Beckons. That would be Tar Pit as in La Brea, where dinosaurs got stuck.

Interesting post and some interesting discussion in the comments about why Pfizer is or isn’t going to be like a utility stock down the road. Those of you who want to know more aobut valuations and strategy in the pharma world could do worse than read it!

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  1. I certainly agree with the “tar pit” prediction. I have been watching the proposed “downsizing” and their management “style”. Truly archaic, lacking creativity and punishing experienced performers to preserve the “good old boy” network. They appear to “downsizing” to the point of extinction as there is no plan for growth. Yet, they spend thousands on “off site” meetings that are drinking binges encouraged by management.

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