POLICY/BLOGS: More interesting stuff from the young liberals

Now that I’ve upset every young liberal in America, here’s a blog that I was pointed to by Ezra Klein. It’s called I am Stella, by Kate who is a young health policy wonk in waiting with her own tale of woe of being a patient.  She has a very interesting post on the private vs public cost control issue (although there is a slight flaw in her portrayal that her commenters have noticed–so no cheating before you see what you think).  She also has an excellent post on the Phantoms in the Snow article on cross-border medicine which I was in at the start of, but ducked out of too early to get any credit for….(and which probably improved the credibility of the article!)

Those of you who want to really get into the Canada issue can look here.

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  1. Dear Matthew,
    Is it possible that I could have 12 lines instead of just 10? All of these rules and regulations that only apply to me is getting tricky. Next you will restrict me to a certain nuber of posts in a row. Which currently you have never restricted me yet. Remember when we had that arguement and you finally admitted you where wrong?
    I’m not counting the rows of white.
    I tried to get my GIFT blog to work and I will keep trying. Thank you for your interest Matthew.

  2. Here is more cosmic debri, or lie.
    What’s more, doctors are limited in their ability to give discounts to people who are paying their own way. Patients with consumer-driven policies sometimes expect they can negotiate prices, Miller says, but they can’t, because this would breach the contracts doctors sign to join insurer networks.
    Expect Paperwork Hassles
    With a high-deductible policy, expect to get provider’s bills, explanation-of-benefit forms and a blizzard of other paperwork, all of which you’ll be responsible for directly.//This is all BS, and Mattew cconsures.

  3. Kate links to ezra who links to the bad propaganda in the Washington Post, that Matthew agrees with. This is just one lie from that poor liberal cosmic debri:
    //Unlike managed care plans, high-deductible plans also require policyholders to pay coinsurance, often 10 percent to 20 percent of the cost of services, after the deductible is met.//
    This is not true. 100% of our HSA client have 100% covered expenses after the deductible. ezra is too uninformed to know the difference but I’m sure Matthew will agree that is a lie, just one of many.
    Poor young Liberals reading old Liberal’s lies.