TECH: PHR conference

Last week’s PHR conference that I didn’t go to (cos they held it in DC and I’m too cheap to fly there by myself) now has an available transcript. (All big PDFs–you have been warned).

The intro is long but good. It has a talk from Carolyn Clancy (AHRQ chief) then a quick 3 person panel on PHRs from CapMed, Brown and Toland (using Medem’s iHealthrecord) and Cleveland Clinic (similar to the PAMF system Paul Tang spoke about). Finally it has a tour de force from Newt Gingrich, who explains exactly what we should have all have a personal health record and gives me no clue as to why we’ll get there. But that doesn’t stop companies giving him $200K a year to join his Center for Health Care Transformation–purely because they are interested in his words of wisdom; sure, yup that’s all they’re interested in!

I haven’t got to this yet but here is the Intel lunch talk, and here’s the last session with Esther Dyson et al

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