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  1. gadfly, you are a victim of the Liberal LIES. People can’t have employer-based coverage, like you, and then when they get diagnosed and lose their job, like you again, and expect to get the best health insurance in America at standard rates, sorry. If we did accept cancer patients, in the middle of their treatment, all cancer patients would migrate to us because they desire the best. (I only have 2 lines left by Matthew’s orders) With that said, you wouldn’t want healthy people being stopped from affordable coverage just because you made a mistake, would you gadfly?

  2. // If a person has $1,000 HSA deductible and the government then put’s $1,000 in their HSA //
    Ron – are you saying the government will do this for me right now? Because I have zero income with which to open an HSA. Of course, I doubt I’d get past underwriting for insurance since I have a genetic disorder and recent health problems.

  3. Matthew, you think that article is pretty ccurate? Of course you would. And you say, “And we’ve had the discussion about the donut hole before…you admitted that you were wrong. Remember?” NO – please link to your so-called donut hole conversation.
    With a $2,600 HSA deductible that pays 100% to a lifetime maximum of $8 million – where exactly is your so-called donut hole? Good luck Matthew.
    Restricted to 10 lines huh? You’re a hoot.

  4. Acually Ron I have that in the queue to post, as I think that article is pretty ccurate, unlike 95% of what you waste my readers’ time with. And we’ve had the discussion about the donut hole before…you admitted that you were wrong. Remember?
    I don;t want to ban you, although I’m getting more and more complaints. So I’m going to make you an offer. I am going to give you your own blog. (see your email) You can post your comments here, but it you go over 10 (TEN) lines, you are going to have to redirect people with a link to the blog that I am giving you. OK?

  5. therolones,
    Your propaganda is not as good as the pros. If a person has $1,000 HSA deductible and the government then put’s $1,000 in their HSA they have a $0 deductible that pays 100%. See how goofy your comment is?
    On the other hand there is much better lies and propaganda in the current news. If you want to see all the lies in one article here it is:
    Matthew could read this and easily pick out the lies. I sure he won’t post this article.

  6. Sorry, it’s the Bush Administration that’s in trouble over using propaganda: http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-edu16.html
    And dude, will you stop playing the victim violin for this Administration? Bush is the frigging President, with a Republican House and a Republican Senate. He wants to give a speech at 8:00 on a Thursday night, and networks pre-empt their most popular TV shows! His ideas get heard!
    I know it’s hard for you to accept, but maybe people don’t like his ideas because they’re bad ideas.
    Google gave 121,000 hits for “Bush Kerry healthcare savings ‘low income’,” and among those hits were a number of news articles describing Bush’s HSA plan as proposed in the last election. I looked at the SF gate and the Wash Post (first 2 big dailies I saw), and both papers clearly indicated that Bush was going to offer people vouchers and seed money, but the problem was that these funds wouldn’t cover poor or sick people’s healthcare costs.
    Or, as I put it, HSAs are a “let them eat cake” approach to solving the problem of poor and sick people who can’t get proper healthcare.

  7. Update for anyone remotely interested in my adventures:
    I sent an email to the President of the Highland (County Hospital) Board of Trustees and he actually replied! And he said that the right department would get back to me!
    I need to go fan myself for a while, because the shock is just too much for me.

  8. therojones,
    President Bush wants the Federal government to pay for the poors’ HSA health insurance and then the Federal government would also deposit money in the poor family’s tax free HSA. The reason you don’t know this therojones is because the New York Times refuses to discuss the President’s HSA plan for the poor. That is why I gave you a link to “whitehouse.gov” above but you still didn’t look and made your goofy comment.
    All of the Liberal media is cut from the same Socialist piece of wood and CENSORS the Republican health care REFORMS and the tax free HSA. That’s why I say the propaganda in America on health care reform is as bad as NAZI Germany in 1941.
    I just enrolled this morning a family of 8 here in Michigan on HSA insurance for $260 a month. It cost more because the parents were so old. They were uninsured when I arrived. The government would spend that much on just 1 child per month. The taxpayers suffer with overpriced insurance money going to politically connected insurance companies therojones, not that you care. That’s why Blue Cross of Michigan is helping the ultra liberal Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow with their political action committee, they are pathetic.

  9. Um, market-based solutions don’t really work for people who don’t have the money to be in the market.
    Reminds me of a woman who was once told the people had no bread, so she said, “well, let them eat cake…”

  10. This what I have been saying. Government provided health insurance is disgusting and too dangerous for citizens. Yet, the costs are extreme for tax payers. Medicaid in New York costs over $10,000 a year per person. New York wants to be the most expensive to grab Federal taxpayer matching funds.
    Here in Detroit the government has the very dangerous 3-Share program that Governor Granholm bragged about in Des Moines at the National Governors Association meeting this year. Gov. Granholm forgot to mention that the poor pay $56 a month per person matched by the employer and taxpayer funds. Then the maximum outpatient covered expenses is a itty bitty $3,500 a year, how disgusting and worthless.
    Individual HSA qualifying insurance for a 30 year old male in Detroit total premium is less than the $56 a month and then all matching funds would go to the poor in their tax free HSA. Also, when an employee quits or gets fired with that dangerous government 3-Share program, there is no COBRA extensions. This is against the Federal law but Gov. Granholm (D-MI) doesn’t care.
    President Bush has a plan for the poor that the agenda driven Liberal media won’t report on. You can see it here.
    Darn media bias and there censorship of the President’s Bush’s HSA plans for the poor. The propaganda is as bad in America as it was in NAZI Germany in 1941.

  11. You’re screwed even if your highly educated!
    First the health care system does everything it can to make sure you can’t address your bills if you can’t pay outright. Part of the penalization of poverty in this country is making sure the only option besides ability to pay up front is bankruptcy. In some cases (mine) a simple willingness to communicate by mail or even email would do the trick.
    Second, the supposed government oversight processes don’t really help people. The DMHC takes forever with complaints, and who knows how long a Medical Review Board would take if you even manage to get your case pushed that far. In my case the DMHC just held the HMO’s hand by letting them interview THE WRONG DOCTOR! I have permanent scars for something that should have and could have been taken care of quickly. And I should throw in the DMHC promised to look at this when I had my conference with them on the Kaiser matter: they broke that promise along with the settlement.
    I want to move to Canada.

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