BLOGS/PHYSICIANS: Enoch Choi in New Orleans

oDr. Enoch Choi, a medblogger (and OT but BTW a liberal evangelical Christian just so you know there is one!) has packed up his black bag and spent the week in New Orleans following his medical calling.  Go read his blog and scroll down to the October 1 entry — then read up. Doesn’t take too long as he’s posting via his Treo and he’s mighty mighty busy. It’s an amazing read.

It’s very clear that the return to New Orleans is fraught with similar perils to the evacuation. Plaudits to Enoch to heading out and putting his God-given talents to work in a crisis. They still need doctors desperately down there.

UPDATE:  Enoch writes direct (promoted from the comments). Please consider donating once more to the organizations that are sending committed volunteers like him onto the very front lines.

thanks for the props, Matthew. i’ve come to new orleans with City Team ministries and serving under the local authority of Pastors Resource Council PRC Compassion, invited by the local churches in St. Bernard. Menlo Park Presbyterian Church MPPC paid all of our flights, expenses, medicines and supplies.

Any of those organizations would be able to immediately deploy your donations to people we’re seeing every day. Yesterday, one of our nurses gave us $1000 from their Kansas Church… Their entire disposable cash. We spent it today on natural tears, sunblock, nasal saline, sudafed, lozenges, cough syrup, hydrocortisone. We gave it away in 2 hours. There’s immesurable need here, and whatever you give to MPPC would be immediately consumed by that need by our medical team.

to give to MPPC:

to give to City Team:

to give to PRC Compassion:

This is so different than giving to Red Cross, what you give to them will be spent on the next disaster. The Red Cross doesn’t have physicians down here. I don’t see any other medical teams down here other than ours. There are plenty of individual physicians that have come down, and they’re very important, but as an organized group, we’re it.

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