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  1. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Uwe Rheinhardt about tax free HSAs. A single parent mother and 2 children can get HSA Qualifying insurance for $82 a month in Lansing, MI. We all know that traditional employer health insurance costs $10,880 a year for family coverage. Rheinhardt thinks that $82 a month is more expensive than $10,880 a year. Rheinhardt is as dumb as Paul Krugman who is also from Princeston. These two bozos have a problem with math.
    I posted Rheinhardt’s NPR show where he said, “Retirement health care expenses will be so large don’t even try and save for them.” No wonder the Democrats can’t win an election when their main “deep thinkers” are such moon bats. In New York Medicaid costs over $10,000 a year per person. A single parent mother and two children would cost over $30,000 a year on Medicaid in New York. Rheinhardt and Krugman would argue that $82 a month is more expensive than $30,000 a year. This is just another reason Governor Jeb Bush calls Democrats “Pathetic.”

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