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I’ve been told (or at least like to believe) that I’m an entertaining speaker, and I’ll be doing a little bit more in the coming months.  One conference that is relevant to many readers is being put on by some folks including John Mack, and it’s called PharmaBlogging, and I’ll be giving the overview presentation on healthcare and medical blogs.

The conference is November 14-15, 2005 at the Sheraton University City Hotel in Philadelphia, PA and of course it has its own blog. Go there to look, but most of the conference is about how to use and work with blogs if you are in the pharma businesses. (Yup, the little box to the right here is a reminder…)

Meanwhile, I’ll be getting some audio and video clips up on the site soon, so you can all see what my hairstyle was like back in the day I had some!

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