POLICY: Klein on Gladwell on moral hazard

Ezra Klein beat me to a post on Malcolm Gladwell’s piece on Moral Hazard in the New Yorker. I’ll be back tomorrow to explain why if you cross-breed him with Jill Quadagno, you about get to the right answer.

Go read Ezra’s take. He kinda agrees with Gladwell on the ideas thing.  I think there’s a little more to it than that.

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  1. Matthew,
    I hope you do a better job than ezra. He did say something that is true, he said, “We may win in individual polling, but every time the issue is nationalized, gets contextualized within the competing liberal v.conservative worldviews, and becomes the story, we get stomped.”
    Boy is ezra right there.
    You got to help these poor people out.
    Abby, we have a new product in Dental insurance that they can just go online and enroll and we get paid. It’s not in Michigan where we are focusing but it is in Ohio before it’s spread to the rest of the country. Problem is we have enough on our plate enrolling Michiganiacs who want to go tax free that who has time to even think about our new online dental plan. I will admit it would be nice to get paid without actually talking with clients, but that will have to wait.

  2. What happened to my comment? 🙁
    *contemplates web conspiracy against dental care for the impoverished*

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