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This is a quick appeal to my more technically savvy friends about something that REALLY annoys me. Let’s say I’m on a web site and I want it to open another page or save what it’s done (e.g. if I’m writing a post like this using a web based program like Typepad which authors this blog). I, being impatient and being done with that task for now, save it, and wonder off to my Outlook and start say writing an email.

Meanwhile the web site in the background has done its thing (opened, or saved what I wrote, or whatever) but instead of staying in the background it decides to come back into the foreground, meaning often that what I am writing now — in the unconnected email — appears in the web site, or at least does not appear in the email, word document or whatever else I was doing.

And it’s not just the browser (although that’s the most annoying) — Outlook is just as bad. It can take forever for an email to open, or I can open a web site from an email which takes even longer, and it will present it to me in the foreground even though I’m by now onto the next email or doing something else.

So is there any way to STOP functions like that which are running in the background from presenting themselves in the foreground when their task is finished, and for me to be able to go to them at a time of MY choosing not theirs?!

Please make any suggestions in the comments (or ask for more explanation) but this is driving me batshit.

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  1. If you want a virtual desktop see one old blog on topic
    Or go to microsoft
    If running XP Pro use or try the desktop manager and/or TweakUI.
    However, your problem seems more complicated. You are doing task and thinking faster than the computer programs can react. Outlook can use different editors other than Word. Some editors load up faster. And as for webbrowser you can also switch to any one that may load up or run faster. By the time you click on a website and moved on to the next application, the webbrowser is still processing when HTML document is loaded webbrowser takes focus again. You want to keep all nonfocused applications in the background or minimized. I think you can change the window state of an application when started to be minimized. I think you need to go in “the registry” for that.
    But a virtual desktop will help in seperating your task;
    Work, Mail, Web, Blog.
    All a matter of opinion.

  2. Oh God…Gmail does that to me, and if you find out why and how I can stop it, you will be my hero. I have now revealed my lack of tech-savviness.

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