POLICY: Garamendi says California’s health care system is falling apart

Hot on the heels of the question raised by Dave Reece yesterday about exactly how bad the shape we’re in is, California insurance commissioner John Garamendi — an unabashed liberal — is out with a summary report detailing the effects of high costs and uninsurance in California. I haven’t read the whole study but it seems to gibe pretty much with what I’ve been saying on THCB for some time.  Here’s the press coverage from the LA Times. But other than putting a variety of sources all in one place and getting the odd article in the press out here, I doubt that there’ll be too much impact from this type of study.

Finally for reasons I cannot fathom, Garamendi’s next move is next year to run for Lt Governor — a position which as far as I can tell has no power in California. In fact the current Lt Governor, Cruz Bustamente, hasn’t even talked to Ahhhnold in the last year.

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  1. Go Phil Angiledes for Governor! And John Garamendi for LT Governor!
    I have a feeling that the United / Pacificare $220M Executive Golden Parachute story won’t disappear anytime soon…