TECH: Microsoft spreads Vista FUD

Get your conspiracy theories going. One day after the VA and CMS release VistA for small physician offices, Microsoft tells the world that its "new" OS Longhorn (or Windows 2003 or whatever it was originally) will, in a stunning piece of Redmond originality, be called Vista.

Well they could have called it LyNux. Has anyone noticed that VistA is open source and free?

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  1. Whoa, I’ve been wondering about that because the name seemed so bland and unoriginal. I read some blurb about the small software company down the street gearing up for a trademark dispute. The VA thing makes a lot of sense to me though. It’s brand cannibalism. Let other companies pay for advertising, let other initiatives win legit public notice, and then ride the word association. Someone find Miss Manners, because this is gauche.