POLICY: Thank God there’s no rationing here!

Back with more a little later (Typepad’s been a bit problematic today) but to start, just a quick note to those who say that there’s rationing in Canada and the UK and that we’re so lucky it doesn’t happen here. You need to amend your statements to "it doesn’t happen here — to nice people like us". But if you’re poor, good luck on getting the rest of us to help out.

For those of you too lazy to clickthru, the story is about Mississippi limiting Medicaid recipients to 5 prescriptions each. Something similar was tried back in the early 1990s with anti-psychotic drugs in New Hampshire, and I seem to remember that the result was that whatever was saved on the drug side was wiped out by the consequent increase in nursing home admissions.  So if this is the future (again) of rationing for the poor — and Medicaid covers 25% of the population in Mississippi — it’s not too clever a way of going about it.

(BTW This isn’t an argument in favor of Medicaid’s continued existence in its present form–it needs serious reform and in fact abolition. I’m just crying bullshit on those who say there’s no explicit rationing in the US–again).

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  3. Of course health care is rationed here (and everywhere else for that matter), but so are automobiles, home mortgages, food . . .
    But the poor are not denied access to health care as many believe. Most have access to free clinics, free meds, Medicaid, sliding scale fee for service and of course the finest emergency care our tax dollars can buy.
    I don’t really follow trends in other states but here in GA several reports released of late showed the following.
    Over half the births in the state are covered by taxpayer funded Medicaid and 20% of those births are to immigrants. Our local (Atlanta) charity hospital receives enough funding from taxpayers (and a nominal amount from private insurance) to cover only 85% of their operating costs . . . the rest is charged off as uncollectable. That same hospital is one of only 3 level 1 trauma centers in the state.
    Most of those who rail against the healthcare delivery system here really do not understand the dynamics of healthcare in the U.S. . . . nor do they understand how poorly the socialized medicine in other countries operates.
    When healthcare (or automobiles, or housing or food) is free, rationing steps up to an entirely new level.

  4. My two cents from Chicago….of course rationing exists in the U.S. Health Care “system” (pssst..there is no system!).
    In the U.S. care is rationed by ones ability to pay, which means you are either rich, or like most of us, have employer based health insurance.
    However, unlike in most countries, we Americans like our rationing determined by the inept market place and not by government (ok…Medicare and Medicaid rationing is all right).

  5. Instead of rationing, the U.S. just denies health care.
    *limps across room to make point*

  6. The relatively rational rationing that goes on elsewhere is far superior to the irrational rationing and ad hoc rationing that goes on here.
    If someone is going to be limited to 5 prescriptions you can damn well be sure that they’ll choose the 5 costliest, even if it means that the less expensive one or two others that are keeping them out of the ER are left up to the patient (i.e. not purchased out of pocket).