HEALTH PLANS: Perhaps you shouldn’t click on every Google Ad, with UPDATE on underinsurance

As you may or may not have noticed, in a (mostly failing) attempt to see whether I can make any money back off this blog, I’ve been running Google Adsense down on the left column. A certain commenter, let’s call him Ron, suggested to me that this is an attempt for me to build my own insurance empire. While that may betray Ron’s misunderstanding of how Adsense works (and look here for an amusing version of the same), one of the ads that ended up on THCB was for a very dodgy insurance company that wasn’t so nice.  Take a look and of course caveat emptor.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Health Affairs today has a Commonwealth Fund study that estimates the number of underinsured at 16 million. By my very casual glance at the Press release it seems that they may only be talking about those with inadequate insurance who actually needed it. My guess is that overall underinsurance (e.g. not having enough to pay the bills in the case of a bad trauma) is much greater.  But then again, it’s the flow of people through un- and under- insurance that’s such a big issue, with more than 80m uninsured for at least 3 months in a 4 year period.

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