TECH: Firefox effed up?

Is it just me or is the latest release of Firefox 1.0.4 a disaster?  Ever since I downloaded it, Firefox has been crawling compared to IE–literally taking 10 times as long to download a web site.  So much so that I’ve abandoned it.  I’ve trawled the web, changed a few settings based on some stuff I’ve read, but it’s still a disaster.  Any ideas?

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  1. Well, after a little while with the newly downloaded version of Firefox, having uninstalled the old one, it’s now again much slower than IE….
    So I’m back to IE until 1.0.5 comes out…

  2. I’ve not experienced any problems with 1.0.4 either. It does seem to take longer to load up the first time I use it than previous versions, which puts it at about 10 times longer than IE, but once it’s running I find it loads pages faster than IE.
    Unless you need to be viewing web pages the second you turn on your computer, I can’t see going back to IE. Try uninstalling and getting a fresh copy.

  3. I’m certainly not having that problem with Firefox 1.0.4. That suggests it’s not a general problem with the program.

  4. 1. you may have an init conflict with your adware snagger
    2. you may have had a bad download
    3.you may want to completely remove it using your uninstall utility and do it again, and use their standard settings
    4.if this still doesn’t help, you may want to post your problem here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=38 it is for firefox problems and every red hat on the planet will rush to rescue you. 🙂

  5. I’m running 0.9.0. What does the 1.0.4 upgrade purport to give you (as a I assume they are not promoting slower operating speed as a virtue)?

  6. Heather
    a) It was Firefox prefferred (until I turned it over to IE yesterday)
    b) According to my latest scan with no adware there’s no spyware on my machine…and this slowdown (which was real, and really bad) was immediately in effect after loading teh 1.0.4 upgrade)
    any more ideas?

  7. 1. Did you set your preferences for firefox to be your browser? (Sorry to ask that “is your refrigerator plugged in” kind of question, but have to.
    2. are you running a spyware catcher program to keep spyware from hijacking your browser back to IE, which is spyware’s browser of choice?
    once you do those two things, it gets a lot better and faster and more predictable. however, webmasters must also design with firefox in mind, (just like with netscape and that ridiculous aol), and if they didn’t, you might not see some things, and some things may not load easily or at all. do the first two things, and think of other inconveniences as certainly no worse than windows’ ever-popular BSOD…

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