BLOGS: Open thread

Now I feel like a real blogger.  Between HSA maverick Ron, the Gadfly, Sue, TheoraJones, Abby, Graham et al, the comments in the last week have got bigger than the blog….and I’ve been real busy and unable to monitor.

That’s great but today’s were mostly way off topic from my pithy attack on Karen Ignagni’s letter.  So how about an open thread (like they do on the real big blogs) so that you can all chat about whatever you like.  My suggestion is that Ron tries to explain the maths behind everyone in America paying $130 a month in insurance premiums, while health care costs as a whole are closer to an average of $500 a month, and those costs are not distributed equally. But you can all talk about whatever you like!

Now I’ve lit the blue touch paper, I’m retiring

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