PHARMA/PHYSICIANS: How to deal with the prostate conundrum

Dame Edna was always making a running gag about her husband Norm’s enlarged prostate. But what should one do about it? Contributor Dr Krankheit (who as you might suspect is just playing one on television) has a solution:

The results of a recently completed project allow me to offer some tips in the interest of informed medical consumerism. It appears there is a major split among urologists in methods of treating benign prostatic hypertrophy
depending upon the specialist’s age.  Younger uros still possess the fantasy
image of themselves as surgeons and this disproportionately inclines them to
procedural/surgical fixes. In the case of BPH this means TURPs (transurethral
resectioning procedures) and TUNAs (transurethral needle ablations).  As with
older, neutered cats, older uros lose interest in these insertion procedures
because the callbacks from patients and evening/weekend rounds start to become a
drag.  Older uros instead prefer pharmaceutical remedies for BPH such as the
5-alpha reductase inhibitors (Proscar or Avodart).  So as an informed medical
consumer, if you find yourself getting up more than once a night to go to the
bathroom, you can choose to remedy the condition with someone putting a laser up
your wang and burning off part of your prostate or, alternatively, by taking
pills that may cause you to develop breasts (gynecomastia).  Select a
young buck urologist for the stick-and-burn option and one into his 50’s for the
D-cup treatment.

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  1. I am 29 years old and celibate.I refered to Urologist for mild pain in my left testicle I have sometimes. He checked me and after sperm test that comes below said I have Varicocele and should have surgical treatment .for assurance I met two other Urologists and They said:” You do not have any problem in fertilizing after marriage and I do not have Varicocele.”
    I wonder if you help to consult me .(do I have any problem or not?.and what should I do for My premature Ejaculation?).
    Thanks a lot.
    Volume: 4.5
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    Molitility 3hrs: 10% Good , 10% Fair , 10% Poor , 70% Nil
    W.B.C.: 2-3