HEALTH PLANS: Kaiser patient data release spat update

Sigh.  Well KP, an organization that (I repeat) I have much respect for, is not taking my advice in the tawdry little business of whether they or the Gadfly released patient data onto the Internet. If you go to the Gadfly’s website you’ll see both that she has received a notice from Kaiser’s lawyers about an impending court date which presumably will order her to take her mirror site down (something that should please Kaiser), and has requests from two more journalists for interviews (something that probably won’t please Kaiser).

Can calmer heads prevail here? Are there any on either side?

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The Anonymous person is right – it is incredibly difficult to fire someone at KP. That’s why I was fired one week before the end of my six month probationary period – so I wouldn’t be protected the normal rules that protect Kaiser employees. I was not, however, a new person who just didn’t fit. I had been working in the same job for a year before I was hired, and I’d already proven both my capabilities and my ability to get along with everyone. I do agree that Kaiser took only the data they had control over off the… Read more »

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Well, as a KP employee who is now being thrashed about over security because of this incident, I thought I’d add 2 cents. 1) Gadfly/Diva of Disgruntled/Whoever they are seems to be very peeved at the fact she was terminated…but given her actions to date, I empathize with the people who fired her. I’ve worked for KP for years, and it’s typically incredibly hard to fire someone…and rarely done without great reason. (The exceptions to the rule are usually middle management “fall on your sword” decrees, when someone has to take the blame for poor results…but even then, it is… Read more »